Monday, 20 April 2015

Toy Hack Reflection

a. If i were to box and try to sell my toy, I would call it Limited Edition Furry Barbie. Limited Edition because it probably wouldn't be on the market for very long. I would advertise it for Furries and dog lovers everywhere because who else would want that toy?

b. What I like most about the toy is that I took a normal looking Barbie and instantly made her disgusting by just referring to a type of person or a certain group of people's interests. I like how I made her more explicit and racy by putting clothes on her that just reference an animal because of what it means or what it could mean.

c. What I like least about the toy is the same as what I like most about the toy. I feel like I made a monstrosity. I made something that people look down on or something that people laugh at because of what a Furry is.


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