Friday, 10 April 2015

Creating your own Art Film Brainstorm

My favourite part of Battleship Potemkin is when the baby is racing down the steps and everyone's looking horrified.

My favourite part of Metropolis is when the old man is trying to turn the wheel and the temperature keeps going up so the building explodes.

My favourite part of Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid is when he opens the locker and he's being watched by a guy hiding behind a newspaper.

For my movie I would like to show the old man fail to turn the wheel and the temperature rises from Metropolis then the people working in the building for a few seconds. Then I'll take the clip from Potemkin of the guy looking horrified before the building explodes, after the building explodes I'll have the man being pushed back. Then the girl from Potemkin of the ground, back to the building, back to the women with her glasses broken to people running away on their horses from Potemkin. All with a serious intense song in the background starting at when the building explodes.

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