Monday, 20 April 2015

Toy Hack Reflection

a. If i were to box and try to sell my toy, I would call it Limited Edition Furry Barbie. Limited Edition because it probably wouldn't be on the market for very long. I would advertise it for Furries and dog lovers everywhere because who else would want that toy?

b. What I like most about the toy is that I took a normal looking Barbie and instantly made her disgusting by just referring to a type of person or a certain group of people's interests. I like how I made her more explicit and racy by putting clothes on her that just reference an animal because of what it means or what it could mean.

c. What I like least about the toy is the same as what I like most about the toy. I feel like I made a monstrosity. I made something that people look down on or something that people laugh at because of what a Furry is.


Friday, 10 April 2015

Creating your own Art Film Reflection

Creating Your Own Art Film

Jacob Melito

My idea for my Art Film was to make a dramatic scene of the building exploding from Metropolis then showing different scenes from Metropolis and Potemkin of people being horrified and hurt. I have dramatic music in the background to make my video feel intense and serious. I added and explosion and smoke in the intense part where the building explodes to add more of the effect. 

Creating your own Art Film video

Creating your own Art Film Brainstorm

My favourite part of Battleship Potemkin is when the baby is racing down the steps and everyone's looking horrified.

My favourite part of Metropolis is when the old man is trying to turn the wheel and the temperature keeps going up so the building explodes.

My favourite part of Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid is when he opens the locker and he's being watched by a guy hiding behind a newspaper.

For my movie I would like to show the old man fail to turn the wheel and the temperature rises from Metropolis then the people working in the building for a few seconds. Then I'll take the clip from Potemkin of the guy looking horrified before the building explodes, after the building explodes I'll have the man being pushed back. Then the girl from Potemkin of the ground, back to the building, back to the women with her glasses broken to people running away on their horses from Potemkin. All with a serious intense song in the background starting at when the building explodes.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How is Hero an Art Movie?

1. Hero could be considered an art movie because it was wasn't just a story, it was based on the history of China or on the fictional history of China and the Emperor that built the Great Wall. It was like a fictional story based around an Emperor that was thought to be a tyrant but told in different points of view and different characters opinions. There was a lot of fight scenes that I think were there to cater to more viewers but they were made artistic in a martial arts way. A way that all the characters lived by their swords and learned things by them.

2. The director made this movie for an average viewer by: Adding more fight scenes and action so the average person wouldn't get bored watching it, exaggerating the fight scenes to make it more interesting and compelling. The movie was fictional but somewhat historically accurate with the emperor so i could see how it would be interesting to the average viewer because everybody likes fictional films.

3. I liked the movie because of the story. The story was really interesting because it was in China a long time ago when they were broken apart. the fight scenes were cool and added a martial arts theme of course that kept it interesting. It implemented some history as well that made you think if it was really like that.

4. Zhang Yimou always colour coded flashbacks to make them seem old and to kind of let you know that it already happened like in the Library. He enhanced the colour in any outside scene with trees and wildlife to make it seem more surreal, beautiful and emphasize how peaceful China used to be.