Monday, 23 February 2015

Nova Scotia

During August of 2012, my parents, my friend Gabe and I went on a trip to my step father Doug's family in Truro, Nova Scotia. The drive there took over a day so my parents took turns driving. I remember we stopped in Quebec for a few hours there and back for breakfast really early in the morning. When we got to Doug's Aunt and Uncle's house, they had a ton of food set out for us to eat. I guess it's a hospitality thing in Nova Scotia to feed your guests till they're fat. His Uncle's name is Floyd, he is an amazing cook and he apparently even cooked for the prime minister back in the day before Floyd retired.

The next morning, Doug, Gabe, Floyd and I went fishing in the sea at about 5 am. We didn't have a boat or anything so we were just fishing at the shore and we couldn't use normal fishing poles because the fish could be really big or you could catch a shark and it would break your line so our fishing poles were huge and weighed like 20 pounds. by the afternoon I think we caught 3 or 4 fish so Floyd cooked them for dinner that night.

 A few days later we stayed at a cottage just up the road from Halls Harbour, a small town on the shore where they're known for lobster fishing and cooking them for you. Gabe and I would walk down to the shore everyday and see how far we could go before the tide came in and we would have to swim back. The water on the shore would come in and out a few times a day and it could be out about a kilometer at most. When the tide is out you can walk out to the water and on the way you could find a ton of shells, fish and seaweed that people go and pick up to hang on a line to dry out so they can eat.After a couple weeks of eating seafood, drinking and meeting family we left the cottage, stopped at Doug's family's house for the night then left to go home the next morning.

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